Birthdays are important occasions that should not be forgotten. It's a perfect time to let your loved one know how much he or she means to you. Make your own happiness. Joy, humor, laughter – all are wonderful, easily accessible tools that can save a marriage from divorce.

Treasure Hunt

If the celebrant is one who loves as adventure, collect his birthday gifts from family and friends and make a treasure hunt on his special day. Make it even more exciting by writing up clues that will lead him to the next gift.

Formal Surprise

Plan a formal surprise party with family and friends on coasts and gowns. Take the celebrant to the venue in her casual outfits and surprise her even more by asking her to change into her own gown that you smuggled from the closet. A spin-off to this idea could have been a theme to the party, like dressing up as royalty or Star Wars characters. The crazier, the more memorable.

Out-of-Town Meal

Take a drive to scenic places to eat at a cozy restaurant overlooking beautiful landscapes. Depending on your budget, you can choose from restaurants reasonably priced.

Singing or Dancing Telegram

Brighten up the celebrant's day by sending a singing or dancing telegram. To multiply the fun, send your greeting to the birthday boy's office or party where others can share with laughs.

In our time, there is pitiful little joy demonstrated. There seems to be something not quite that there must be something wrong with contented people. Many relationships are saved by a good laugh.

Source by AM M Las Marias

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