If you have a guy in your life, does he not deserve a birthday gift from you? One that has had some thought put into it? It should not matter if you have been together 2 months or years. If you are still with him, he probably describes it.

First, you do not have to spend money or a lot of money to show you care. You could make him his favorite food. Then clean up all the dishes. Let him sit there and enjoy his birthday dinner or lunch or whatever it is. Has he bought you flowers ever? Give him some flowers. It will certainly surprise him. It will be very interesting to see what he says or does.

Next you could get him gift that he has been really wanting. He may have been talking about getting an Ipod for the last couple of weeks. Surprise him with one. If he has wanted that fancy mustang convertible, rent one for the day. Let him enjoy cruising around in it. Even though its only for 1 day.

You could also go soft core naughty. Designer boxers with a design on them. Glow in the dark sayings inside the designs. There are a large variety out there to chose from.

Get one of those big baskets you have lying around. Fill it up with all your mans favorite things. Beer, wine, tie, cuff lings, watch or whatever else you know he likes. Food is always a big hit with guys.

If you want to get all emotional, get him something that has the words I love, like you a lot. A tee shirt, key chain, lighter. There are a whole host of things you can do this with.

You do not have to spend a hundred, two hundred dollars on him. If you put the time and thought into the gift you give him, it will show. He will appreciate it.

Source by W. Rex

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