I searched for Him in the halls, in the schoolyard and the courthouse lawn. I did not find Him in the music playing on the radio, television, or in stores. I did not find Him in the television Christmas specials.

Where is the birthday boy today?

I dislike shopping. I make a list and go through it as quickly as possible. When I get home, I feel as though I've had an hour of rigorous exercise.

At this time of year, shopping is more repugnant. Thanksgiving is defined as a day to shop. Christmas decorations appear around the first of November.

When I was growing up Thanksgiving Day was given to just that – giving thanks. We had a sumptuous meal of home-grown roasted chicken, dressing, vegetables and pumpkin pie. The main emphasis, however, was on the blessings of the past year. During WWII, those blessings were not extravagant, but they were coveted. A good crop, good health, plenty of home-grown food and a loving family. We were blessed and brave thanks to their origin: the Lord.

Now, we are full-swing into the Christmas frenzy. The stores are decorated with bright garlands and wreaths. Secular music plays on and on. I enjoy many of the old classic winter time tunes, but I hear no Christmas carols. What are celebrating? Snow? Santa Claus? The anticipation of receiving expensive gifts? Please do not misunderstand. Giving is a blessing and Christmas is a wonderful time to give to family, friends, and charities. Not all gifts need to be monetary – give the gift of time at a nursing home, soup kitchen, shut-ins, or a note to someone who is lonely.

It is Christ's birthday, but where is the birthday boy today?

We do not know the exact date of Jesus' birth, but December 25th was designated as the day to celebrate it by the Catholic church before 336 AD. Christmas means Christ's Mass. By the Fifth Century, all western churches celebrated His birthday on December 25th.

Queen Elizabeth II was born in April, but all British monarchs officially celebrate their birthdays in June. We celebrate President's Day in February, but only a few were actually born that month. The important thing is to acknowledge that Jesus was born, that He is the Son of God, and that He came to earth as our Savior.

But where is the birthday boy in today's Christmas celebration?

Source by Arlene J Warner

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