Today is the day after my birthday and I would not know the difference. Nor would I want to know a difference. Why would one day out of the year be more important than an other? Why would I celebrate my existence yesterday any more than I would today? And if I truly believe that I'm an infinite spirit, then what value does a birthday have in eternity?

Ever since I could remember tradition would say that I should look forward to my birthday. As a child I remember counting the days leading up to the celebratory moment. Like most of us, I could expect cake, celebration, gifts and friends. As a child I believed that the day was infused with special entitlements and / or power. This was the narcissistic dysfunction at its worst. The simple mention "It's my birthday" would prompt the call of attention from others. "Oh it's your birthday … let me do that for you."

Although the narcissism decreed as I matured, there was still an undertone of "let's celebrate me!" Birthday's symbolized the license to inflate my ego. I secretly wanted that there would be a surprise birthday party waiting for me each year. Birthdays were also a time where I found justification in getting angry at family and friends that did not remember the big day. It was my "Trump card," an excuse to project guilt.

It was a friend's deep wisdom a few years ago when he said "Happy Birthday … but you're eternal" that my perspective on "birthdays" changed. It had suddenly become very clear that birthday celebration in its tradition form serves nothing but to enhance and support everything I had been working to transcend, the ego. Birthdays by definition infer time, limit and death – everything ego.

This is not to say however that there is anything inherently wrong with celebrating a birthday, nor do I want to deny the celebration of life. I recognize that birthdays are a great opportunity to express love and gratitude. In fact, yesterday I was blessed with love, the warmest wishes and 2 very caloric birthday cakes that I could not resist. I enjoyed the day without question and gracefully accepted gifts. The difference however is that I enjoyed the day just as much as I enjoy every day, not more or less . There was no fear of aging nor did I take inventory of who remembered my birthday and who did not.

I've come to believe that it's important to remember that life's celebration is daily. Gifts are abundant and not defined by bow and gift wrap. Whether it's a sunny day, a smile or presence, gifts are available every and every day. In stillness, joy is moment to moment as Source expresses itself. Connectivity to others never entertains loneliness and Oneness replace any need for entitlement. By comparing the light of traditional birthday candles are far more inferior than the rays that shine eternally within. From that perspective who needs birthdays?

Source by Craig Villarrubia

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