Children born in the winter months miss out on the fun of pool themed birthday parties or even just being able to go outside during their birthday party. For you, winter birthday parties means everyone is going to be spending most of the party inside, which can equal a lot more chaos and mess.

Planning a winter birthday party, though, can be just as fun as planning a summer birthday party. You just have to plan ahead.

If the weather outside is not too cold and there is snow on the ground, then going outside can be a fun birthday activity. Tell parents to make sure their child dresses warmly. You can build a snow fort, a snow man or go sledding.

If going outside is not possible, then you need to really plan out the party. You should have a general party area and make sure everyone knows that this is the party space and the rest of the house is off limits.

You will want to accommodate guests when they arrive by having a place for hats, coats, gloves and boots or wet shoes. If you wish to have guests remove their shoes then post a sign asking them to do so and provide a space for them to put their shoes. This way no one will leave wet foot prints across your carpet.

You will also want to lower the thermostat a bit right before the party. Once you get all the guests in the party area you will find the body heat will raise the temperature fast. To keep everyone comfortable, plan ahead and keep that area a little cooler then the rest of the house.

Winter birthday parties will likely need more activities then a summer birthday party. With a summer birthday party, being outside can allow for a lot of free play, but with a winter party and being inside for the majority or all of the party, it is more likely for guests to get bored.

Plan out some fun activities and hire some entertainment. You want to make sure you have something for guests to do every minute of the party. Have a schedule of events planned out so you can easily move from one activity to the next.

One major setback when it comes to a winter birthday party is bad weather. If the weather gets too bad you may have to consider canceling the party and rescheduling it. Depending on your area's weather you may want to plan an alternate party date just in case of bad weather. Let guests know on the invitations and then call guests the day before or day of the party of you will need to reschedule.

A winter birthday party does not have to be boring or boring just because the weather outside is. You should make the winter party as fun as possible. If you pay attention to the special considerations of a winter birthday party then you should be able to plan one that is amazing fun.

Source by Joseph Then

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