When are your children’s birthdays? Did you know those days are perfect opportunities to write a happy birthing day love letter to your wife? For me, our oldest daughter was born on December 3, so that day is our daughter’s birthday.

From my wife’s perspective that is the day when her pregnancy ended and the days of diapers, physical feeding, and buying toys began. The day that your wife gave birth is her birthing day. If you are a savvy father and husband, a birthday and a birthing day are one time to give cards and gifts on that day – to one who was born and to the one who gave birth.

When you love your wife, you can find any significant occasion to write a love letter that will touch her heart and make her glad that you are her husband. If you treat your wife well, by remembering those special times in your life, she will appreciate you so much more.

If you have children and want to earn your wife’s admiration on their birthdays, write her a birthing day love letter. Follow these five tips to write a letter that she will keep and read as the years go by:

1. Make sure you have the right date. If you can’t remember the exact time of day when your child was born, review your child’s birth certificate. Then, include that time in your letter.

2. Recall something memorable about the day your child was born. For example, it might have been a tornado warning going on or the doctor was running in at the last second.

3. Recall a feeling that you had and write about it. Maybe you were nervous about her health or overjoyed when hearing the first cries of your newborn baby.

4. Tell your wife how much your child takes after her and give proof. No matter how old your child is, he or she has some positive traits that your wife taught him or her.

5. Write your love letter that words that value your wife as your partner in raising your child and reaffirm your love for her.

If you really want to score some points, write a birthing day thank you letter to your mother-in-law on your wife’s birthday. Just remember, when you write a happy birthing day love letter to your wife, you are telling her how much you cherish her and your child. All three of you will win.

Source by Dave Pipitone

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