Extreme sports are a popular twist to conventional team sports like basketball, baseball and football; celebrate your favorite trickster by throwing them an X Games Party!

The first step in throwing an X Games party is to decide whether or not to focus on one event or celebrate the entire category of X Games. Does the child prefer skateboarding to doing bike tricks? If so, use one event as the theme, and use the remaining games as a backdrop to support your theme.

One great spot for an X Games party is to hold it outside at a local park. If bikes or skateboards are your child’s forte then invite the other children and their parents to come to the park and to bring their boards and bikes. This way the kids can show off their latest tricks for everyone present. Plus if the party is outside there can be other activities such as games and playground equipment to keep those who are not interested in X Games occupied.

Party ware for X Games can be purchased pre-printed and is found all over the Internet and at local party stores. If the party’s budget doesn’t call for spending money on party ware, just use any colored plates and cups. A cake can easily be made at home and be decorated with bikes, skateboards and motocross figurines.

Anyway you slice it X Games parties are very popular and are enjoyed by kids of all ages. Consider using these tips for your next gathering.

Source by Gail Leino

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