If you are like most people, you are looking forward to your 21st birthday. One big reason might be because now you’ll be legally able to buy liquor (note I say “legally” able). But there are other reasons you might look forward to turning 21.

I recall when I turned 21. My mother said to me that I was finally able to do stuff on my own, and not ask for her permission. For example, I wanted to travel to Florida with a young lady, but before I was 21 I wasn’t allowed. When I was finally old enough in my mother’s eye, I was able to go (but she wasn’t happy about it).

Now I suppose many of you reading this are saying “hey I was able to do anything I wanted once I turned 18.” If so, you are lucky. My mother didn’t see it that way, and I assume many of you are in the same boat.

Turning 21 also represents a feeling of being free. Not just from your mother’s apron strings, but free to do whatever you want, making your own decisions. If you are in college, you’ll be graduating soon, and are pretty much an expert at controlling your own life already. But becoming 21 is a sort of milestone that you are finally your own person, and truly live your own life now.

To most of the civilized world, a 21-year-old seems to represent maturity more than 18 or even 20. Not as much as 22 I guess, and certainly not as mature as 30. But 21 is really the start of it, finally being a “grown-up” in most people’s eyes.

A 21st birthday means you can go into a bar and show them a “real” ID now with pride. But it also means you are finally reaching the start of maturity and adulthood, and truly learning life on your own.

Source by Jim Konerko

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