How would you like to be King or Queen for a day? Or would you rather enjoy treating your loved ones to a day of royal treatment? Whether you are looking for a unique idea for a birthday party theme or a romantic getaway, here are some heart felt ideas where only your imagination and the sky are the limits.

Growing up, I was one of 6 kids and we did not have a lot of money. My mom, Dee Mueller, wanted to make sure our birthdays were special, and she always did! On our birthdays, we each got to be King or Queen for the day. I got to be Queen for a whole day! I didn’t have to do any chores, which was a treat in itself. My parents and siblings all participated in being my royal servants; my wish was their command. It was simple things, like playing the game I wanted. If I was thirsty, they brought me a drink, normally with a respectful bow. And so on…. It was taboo to actually wait on yourself. Being the 5th of 6 kids, it was delightful having my older siblings wait on me. Everyone participated with a great attitude 1) because it’s really fun being a servant and 2) because we all wanted the same royal treatment on our birthdays. My mom asked us what we wanted for dinner and that is exactly what we got! We each got a whole day every year just soaking in what it’s like to be royalty. Wow! That was the best birthday present I could ever imagine!

As an adult, I take this unique royal treatment for birthdays to new levels. For example, my niece Diana was staying with me and her birthday was coming up quickly. I began brain storming, “How can I make this birthday one she will remember forever?” Diana’s mom, Jackie, and I began the plan and here is how the day went: Diana was awakened on her birthday, at the resort bed & breakfast, with a breakfast fit for a Royalty. A full breakfast served on a silver platter with a wine glass full of orange juice. Then, we drew her a bubble bath so she could relax and enjoy. She was so touched and smiled ear to ear as this was her first time to be Queen/Princess for a day.

We decided to be sure everyone knew Diana was a Princess, so about mid day we headed out to a wonderful costume shop in Arlington where we purchased a Royal robe and crown. We had a little time to kill so decided to take Princess Diana to the mall, yes, in her birthday robe and crown! Her mom was her royal servant and I was a servant/paparazzi snapping picture after picture. To the crowds who inquired, I announced “This is Princess Diana of Aurora (as Aurora is where the resort is)!” I spoke with foreign accent to enhance the experience.

Diana spotted a hermit crab booth and was quite taken by them. She fell in love with one and named him Herrmi. Of course, I purchased this as one of her royal gifts! To the hermit crab employee, Paul, I said with a foreign accent, “Princess Aurora donates thousands of dollars a year to save the hermit crabs.” (Remember she also has on her royal robe and crown.) We all laughed again with Diana smiling ear to ear, as she did all day. Paul, of course, knew we were just having fun but he too played along with our birthday celebration.

Then we headed out to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Dallas, where Diane would feel at home with her birthday attire and had dinner with the royal family and about 1000 other people, and of course they announced her birthday to everyone.

Birthday quotes from loved ones.

David (my husband)

“On my birthday, it is really the simple things that I enjoy. My wife opens the car door or hotel door for me. She drives to where ever we are going. If I have a birthday party or birthday vacation she takes care of all the details. I can have, or do, what ever I want and the answer is, ‘Yes, your wish is my command!’ What fun!”

Lynn (my sister)

“Being Birthday Queen for a day makes me feel very special and everyone should get to feel this special at least one day a year!”

Diana (my niece)

“The royal birthday was the most special birthday gift I have ever had. It was like a birthday party all day. I will cherish it forever!”

The royal robe and crown princess Diana wore are now at the resort hanging on a stunningly beautiful royal birthday chair. The royal birthday has become a tradition in our family and I hope it will be in yours too. It’s a time for each of us to feel truly appreciated and just have some crazy fun!

Source by Donna Mixon

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