Astrology has always been an interesting topic. Whether you follow it religiously, or read your horoscope for fun, there is a definite entertaining aspect to it. Although, even reading your sign as entertainment, there are some attributes that seem more than coincidental.

Let's look at the sign Gemini. The third astrological sign in the Zodiac, it is represented by The Twins. The Twins "themselves" symbolize a dual personality, of sorts. Like a coin, it denotes two sides of the same ego. Often flipping between the two sides, the Gemini will switch between the two polar extremes. Alas, keeping everyone else on their toes.

Gemini is one of the four Mutable signs. A Mable sign pertains to being double-bodied. In that, it bridges two seasons. In the case of Gemini, it bridges Spring and Summer. Mutable signs are considered unstable, almost wavering and less strong-murdered. Although, to counterbalance, Gemini is more adaptable and can deal with change easily.

It is considered that Gemini is governed by the planet Mercury. As such, those born under Gemini are considered versatile and of high intelligence. A characteristic of this is being talkative. Being apt at communication allows the Gemini to talk themselves in and out of any situation. Alas, this leads to a love of socializing. Mingling and conversing with others is a prominant trait of the Gemini.

Studies have shown that the Gemini have an above average number working in Media. An area that allows creative growth and social situations a Gemini may crave. To boot, the Gemini are known to be persuasive sales reps. Both are areas that nurture their multi-tasking and vivid natures.

Alas, there is a downside. A Gemini is seen as a restless spirit. Always in the hunt for something new, to starve off quick boredom. Filled with a high nervous energy that can lead to stress and depression to the much-loved Gemini. It's almost being in a constant hunt for new, creative paths. Bordering on a daily habit.

Interesting to note that Gemini is an Air sign. Air being the element of movement. Everything is one the go, in perpetual growth. Like the ruling planet Mercury, Air is a symbol for intellectualism. It breeds the power of the mind, so breeding many Gemini to be thinkers and communicators. Air also represents the freedom of speech. A side note, a fresh wind can indicate new beginnings.

Then there's the topic of romantic compatibility. It seems that, apart from other like-minded Gemini, they are compatible with Libra and Aquarius. Both of which are also air signs, and of 'positive', or masculine, mindsets. The Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius share common ground with the Gemini. Yet, alas, the relationship does not often run as deep as when with another Air sign.

So, it looks, that the Gemini is that person that will not shut up. But, they are too interesting for you to tell them otherwise. Durable and versatile, they can mold into any situation. For all their downfalls, this is a loveable sign to many.

Source by SC Vivekanandan

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